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Pre-lance™ bridges the gap between recent graphic design grad and successful freelancer so you can learn the stuff your classes didn't teach you in design school.

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Complete Pre-lance™ Bundle

Learn how to go from recent graphic design grad to successful freelancer in 45 days

Pre-lance™ is a 6 week online course that walks recent graphic design graduates through the steps it takes to succeed at freelancing. 

This course walks you through the things I wish I was taught when I graduated. I will address the questions I didn’t know to ask, the resources I use, and my freelance process that I’ve been refining since I graduated university in 2008.

Includes templates from Pre-lance™ Toolkit.

You’re just one course away from running a sustainable design business you love

The goal of Building the Designer's Business is to build the foundation for our businesses to reach a sustainable place… one where we’re not running ourselves ragged, but one where we have our processes nailed down, our minimum price set, and our plan of action started in landing our ideal clients, consistently.

I have my eyes set on building a sustainable branding business that will enable me to work with more of my ideal clients, more frequently. Now that I have that plan, I want to share it with you.

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Pre-lance™ Toolkit

Grab the must-have set of templates for getting paid, onboarding, and following through for graphic designers who want to start freelancing.

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Get Clients

Leverage your unique positioning so that you can attract ideal clients. By the end of this course, you'll know how to describe exactly the services you offer and who you offer them to. You’ll learn ways to increase your network online and where to focus your energy. Learn red flags and set boundaries so you can avoid less-than-ideal clients.

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"I felt pretty uncomfortable talking to clients about business before joining Pre-lance™. I really loved this class. It was broken down into easy to digest lectures and action assignments - and before the class was even finished, my freelance business already improved ten-fold just from the action steps that forced me to be active."

Tom Chapman, Pre-lance™ Grad


Have you been thinking about freelancing but not sure where to start? 


Did you happen to stumble upon me when I was coached by Chris Do on the Futur? Are you thinking, “How do I even begin to charge $5k for a logo?! I can barely get $500!” 

Then you’re in the right place. Pre-lance™ is the first step to get to where I was when I got on the Futur. 

Take a look around, grab the free checklists, and start freelancing! 

I’ll be here to help. 


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