3 habits of successful freelancers.

  • They always keep their clients in the loop.

Great freelancers never go MIA on a client. I’ve heard too many stories from clients saying their designer just disappears and never finishes their project. Always keep your clients updated on the progress of the project, and if for some reason you can’t meet the deadline, chat with your client about it. Don’t ignore them and leave them hanging.

  • They stay organized.

They create organized systems, not BECAUSE they are organized, but to BECOME organized. Their files, projects, calendars and schedules are in order. I was not an organized person by nature (like many other creatives) but I learned I could become organized by putting systems into place that would keep me on track. We need systems so that we can be more efficient and don’t waste as much time.

  • They are always learning.

To be a freelancer, you have to be a great designer as well as business person. Hone your design skills as well as your business skills. The most successful freelancers are those who are constantly learning and growing.

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