2 tools every freelance designer needs

Interested in freelancing?

Here are the 2 tools I can’t live without...

  • Calendar

No more freaking out or pulling all nighters. I block off my entire work week in Google Calendar. By scheduling out each hour of my day with what I’m working on, I can see if I can take on that new project or if I need to shift things around to meet deadlines. Since living a calendar-based life, I am less rushed and I do much better work.

  • Project Management System

I started using Trello to help me organize all my projects in one place. I can see what I need to work on, what needs changing, and what is approved. No more searching for content in emails or trying to find assets. Everything is in one place. ➡️ The more organized you are, the more projects you can take on, and the better work you’ll do!

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